Skladišče in logistika - barcode nalepke

WAREHOUSE and LOGISTICS: Warehouse marking

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Everything for your warehouse our premium products:

Innovative and reliable bar code, RFID and inmould – and product protection solutions – for over 40 years. Always in the best quality. With round-the-clock service. And always made in Germany.

Individual solutions for demanding customers

Advantages of our labels:
■ Customer-specific developments
■ Feasibility, durability and range checks
■ Installation, inventory management and long term service
■ Special training courses, trainings and lectures
■ Unsurpassed product quality
■ And if you still can’t find what you are looking for, we can find a solution together.

Skladišče in logistika - barcode nalepke

More in there

Multilevel labels

All levels on a label.
Color coded and inclined barcodes.
For maximum reading reliability.

Skladišče in logistika - barcode nalepke

Dirt resistant

Labelling of pallets

Adhesive Diomaster 250 PC label for simplicity, the FloorBlock set for added strength and the our Floortag/FloorBlock ITF solutions – recessed into the floor of the warehouse for extreme loads of heavy truck traffic.

Skladišče in logistika - barcode nalepke

Shelf and Racking Aisle labels

For industrial trucks.

Extremely robust adhesive labels with Locators to enable the rapid identification of pallet places.

Skladišče in logistika - barcode nalepke


RFID labels

Durable and flexible – RFID labels to trace returnable crates, containers and pallets. Always individually manufactured from the material to the adhesive.

Skladišče in logistika - barcode nalepke

Aisle Signs

The simple marking solution for Aisle identification – available in all formats, layouts, and colors. One or both sides can be printed.

Skladišče in logistika - barcode nalepke

Overhead signs for Long range scanning

Retro-reflective barcode labels for scanning up to 12 meters height, for precise identification in high rack or block warehouses. Angled plates allow for quick, precise scanning.

Skladišče in logistika - barcode nalepke

Removable and reusable

Magnetic labels

The ideal solution for frozen storage. Fast and efficient identification of racking locations.

Skladišče in logistika - barcode nalepke

Everything in there

Container labelling

Weatherproof, UV-resistant, wash – and scratch-resistant, resistant against chemicals – container labels with permanent color, reverse printing and matt finishes ensure precise readability on conveyor systems.

Skladišče in logistika - barcode nalepke

Clear demarcation


Perfect for storage areas, health and safety walkways and emergency exits. Manufactured for indoor and outdoor use to match any surface.

Skladišče in logistika - barcode nalepke

The Basics

Stand-alone labels

The basic equipment for all types of high shelf: one color per level. Barcode on a white background. Compatible with the pick by voice system and multilevel labels.

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